First Major Clog in New Home

Anytime I have an issue with my pipes and have to call someone from a Hudson county drain unclogging company, I always get one of the best. There is a company that I just love having work for me because they are professional, on time, and the price is always right. I have called them since the beginning and they have a loyal customer with me.

When I had first moved into my home, the people who had rented the house before me had left the pipes clogged and in a total mess. I tried everything to get them unclogged. Snaking the pipes, using drain chemicals to get the clog dissolved and unclogged, and I even went as far as to undoing pipes to see if I could find the clog that way and just clean it out manually. Obviously, nothing really worked. I resorted to calling a company that deals with unclogging pipes. This isn’t their only plumbing expertise, but they are known for that.

When they came over, I explained the issues I was having and how I just moved in. I wasn’t sure what was clogged or how bad it was, I just know that nothing that I had done was working. They tried snaking the clog themselves, but found that it was a “solid mass” that needed to be removed. This is when they brought out the big guns and hydro pressure shot the clog. It wasn’t 10 minutes and the clog was removed and the pipes were working as normal again. I was impressed to say the least!

Since i had just moved in, they offered to do a pipe look over to make sure that there was nothing else wrong and ended up finding yet another clog. They were quick to fix that and fix the minor plumbing issues that were found as well. They became the company that I trusted the most with any plumbing issues that I had. Even today, I still call them and use them for everything!